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Space Availability - Davis Family Library

Davis Family Library

At a roomy 143,000 square feet—roughly 3 acres—the Davis Family Library on Storrs Avenue boasts many seats; wired and wireless networks; key service desks immediately accessible from a spacious, sunlit atrium; state-of-the-art classrooms; group study rooms; and offices for staff members supporting library and technology, as well as the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research.

NOTE: As of August 6, 2021, several of our study rooms will be taken offline in order to prepare them for staff office usage this fall semester. The rooms that will be taken offline are listed under the “Group Study Rooms (Davis, L)” heading. All other study rooms will remain available.

If you have not reserved a room and you arrive to find the room is vacant, you may use the room until the next reservation begins. In that case, you should immediately reserve the room so that it is clear to others that it is in use.

Group Study Rooms: Lower Level

The four group study rooms on the Lower Level of the Davis Family Library (LIB 150A - LIB 150D) are equipped with a table and a display screen and a multi-port display switch.

Group Study Room: Main Level

This single group study room is located inside the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR), along the eastern side of the Main Level. It is room LIB 225D.

Group Study Rooms: Upper Level

The six group study rooms on the Upper Level of the Davis Family Library (LIB 301A - LIB 301F) are equipped with a whiteboard and table.


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